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Story in a nutshell

My name is Ado and I am a musician based in Slovakia. Writing songs and instrumentals is my long-term passion. After visiting the Hawaiian Islands in 2015 I fell in love with the philosophy of Aloha and the sweet sound of ukulele. I love its size and easy play. I am still learning but sharing experiences and joy with other players around the world makes me sense. I started organising workshops in Bratislava and online video lessons. My biggest challenge is writing own arrangements and making new recordings.

In 2018 I released my debut singer–songwriter’s album Trubadúr. All songs was written and arranged by myself. On this album you can find more cooperations with Jana Kirschner (vocals), Filip Hittrich (double bass) and Kristína Uhlíková (violin). 2020 was the year of my second album release More snov. I continued with my passion for home recording and arranging songs. In the songs Bali and Vône you can listen to the voice of my special guest Katka Ščevlíková.

Instruments I play

In 2020 I joined Ortega guitars family and became an Artist. I picked this lovely instruments I use in my recordings and on gigs.

Ortega RCE131-SN
I always love cedar wood as a choice for the top. This guitar has slim neck which is thinner than classical guitar with nylon strings usually have. It makes me a much more comfortable playing.

This is the loudest baritone ukulele I ever play. It is all made from acacia wood which offers really deep and warm sound with unbelievable sustain. It’s not far from the sound of a guitar.

This is for me a big surprise. Acacia wood, satin open pore finish, low weight. It sounds deeper and more open than other ukuleles in this size. I enjoy playing with high G as well as a low G.